Apply human rights advocacy to 
domestic and international settings.

Apply human rights advocacy to
domestic and international settings.

Public Policy and Administration Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration, Human Rights Advocacy concentration is a 36 credit hour program. The courses required for this program are offered in the evening to accommodate those who may be working full-time. Students who complete two courses per term will be able to complete the degree in two years. More information, including course descriptions and sequencing, can be found in the Adler University Catalog.

Core Courses

  • PPA-500: Theories of Public Policy and Administration (3 credits)
  • PPA-501: Political Economy and Economic Analysis in Public Policy Development (3 credits)
  • PPA-502: Ethics in Public Service (3 credits)
  • PPA-503: Collaborative Policy Making and Civic Engagement (3 credits)
  • PPA-504: Public Finance (3 credits)
  • PPA-505 Research Methods I: Quantitative Research Methods (3 credits)
  • PPA-506: Research Methods II: Qualitative Research & Community Consultation (3 credits)
  • PPA-507: Organization Theory in Public Administration (3 credits)
  • PPA-508: Capstone/Fieldwork Experience in Public Policy (3 credits)

Concentration Courses in Human Rights

  • PPA-512: Human Rights Policies and Outcomes (3 credits)
  • PPA-513: The Human Right to Health (3 credits)
  • PPA-514: Topics in Urban Policy – Contemporary Human Rights Issues (3 credits)